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We offer everything from breast reductions and enlargements to nose surgery and liposuction and you can also spread the cost of your treatment with our BMI card (0% APR representative).

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Are you searching for a private hospital that does cosmetic surgery in Glasgow? BMI Ross Hall Hospital offers excellent cosmetic surgery services.

We are also very proud that many experienced cosmetic surgeons choose to work here. Our sought after consultants are very experienced with reputations for high quality clinical care.

However, we also understand that having cosmetic surgery is a big decision and there’s a lot you’ll want to consider.

So, let our consultants talk you through it – not into it.

Surgical Treatments

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Surgery

BMI Ross Hall Hospital also offers a range of less invasive non-surgical cosmetic procedures to assist patients in tackling unwanted signs of ageing and specific medical conditions such as overactive sweat glands.


Endymed 3 DEEP

Using Endymed 3 DEEP radiofrequency technology at BMI Ross Hall Hospital is an alternative solution to deal with fractional skin resurfacing, wrinkle treatment, skin tightening, scar treatment (stretch marks/acne) and body contouring.

EndyMed is addressing current trends in major aesthetic market treatments by:

  • Providing targeted, controlled, painless deep heat delivery for treatment of wrinkles and face and body skin tightening and contouring
  • Enabling fractional radiofrequency skin resurfacing for simultaneous fractionated micro-ablation together with deep dermal heating (simultaneous enhancement of both the epidermis and dermis)
  • Enabling personalised treatments tailored to each patient′s unique skin characteristics through sophisticated real time tissue sensors and feedback mechanisms
  • Using novel, proprietary multi-source, phase controlled radiofrequency technology for three dimensional manipulation of the energy pattern in the tissue
  • Enabling superior efficacy with minimal or no discomfort and ultimate safety with little or no downtime

FREE 15 minute cosmetic consultations are available at BMI Ross Hall. You can find out more or register for the event here.

To find out more about cosmetic treatments available at BMI Ross Hall Hospital please call 0800 015 2610 or make an online enquiry here.