Eyelash Enhancer

eyelash clinicEnhance and grow your OWN eyelashes thicker, darker and longer!

Have you damaged your eyelashes through all the years of applying heavy mascaras and fake eyelashes? And no doubt you paid a fortune over time in doing so!

BMI Ross Hall Hospital may just have the solution you’re looking for, giving you thicker, longer and darker eyelashes that are all YOURS.

There is now a non-invasive eyelash growing and enhancement service available whereby through a few regular check-ups, we monitor the changes taking place and the health of your eyes during treatment.

So how does it work?

  1. You come to BMI Ross Hall Hospital for an initial consultation and you are provided with a 10 week prescription of which you apply the treatment to your eyelashes nightly (before you go to bed).
  2. After 10 weeks, come back for a follow-up consultation to assess your results and ongoing requirements. You will then be prescribed a further 3 months treatment.
  3. Now at optimum results, you only need to apply the treatment twice each week.
  4. Enjoy having lovely long, dark and thick eyelashes that are all your very OWN!

How much does it cost?

You would think this is either too good to be true or costs an absolute fortune. Well fortunately it is both true and very reasonable.

  • Initial consultation (plus 10 week treatment) - £148.00
  • Follow-up consultation (plus 3 months treatment) - £55.00
  • Ongoing 3 months treatment thereafter - £25.00

All for less than £20 per month, and no more damaging your eyelashes pulling out fake ones.


Laura Paton

"My lashes were measured at approximately 5mm at the beginning of treatment  (1 June 2016) and are now approximately 8mm at present (31 August 2016).

My lashes have always been short, weak and lighter at the tips. As you can see from 'after' pictures (no make up on) they are a lot darker in colour and longer.

I've tried all other products on the market i.e. lash strips, individual lashes, semi permanent lashes and LVL lashes but this has been the best, easiest, no mess, no fuss, no itchy eyes afterwards result I've had.

So thank you to Dr Rahman who is a fantastic consultant, true gentleman, and a credit to Ross Hall Hospital." 

Tracey Smith

"I absolutely love my new lashes. I now only wear mascara at weekends as my own lashes are longer, thicker & darker. 

It was so good on holiday not worrying about wearing mascara at any point. They really define my face so much more. No more false lashes and expensive mascara for me."

Why wait? To find out more call one of our friendly advisers today on 0141 810 3151 or make an online enquiry here.