Headache Treatment Clinic in Glasgow

headache centreThe Glasgow Headache Centre, based at BMI Ross Hall Hospital, provides a comprehensive diagnostic and management service for patients with headache disorders. The clinic has particular expertise in the treatment and management of migraine including the chronic and intractable forms of the disorder.

Following an initial consultation with Dr Alok Tyagi, Consultant Neurologist, you may be referred for further investigations such as MRI scans of the brain, MR angiogram or lumbar puncture, all of which can be carried out at BMI Ross Hall Hospital. A detailed, individualised management plan would then be formulated by the Consultant.

Specialised treatments for chronic and intractable headaches not responding to standard treatments are also available at the Glasgow Headache Centre and these can be provided either as inpatients or outpatients.

Specific advice regarding life style changes that may result in improvement in the headache disorder is also available at the clinic and provided by a nurse specialist.

To enquire about the Glasgow Headache Centre at BMI Ross Hall Hospital, please call us on 0800 0928 993 or make an online enquiry here.