The history of BMI Ross Hall Hospital

The estate of Ross Hall takes its name from the Ross family of Hawkhead, who originally owned the land. Ross Hall was acquired in the late 18th Century by Peter Murdoch, a Glasgow merchant, who laid out the grounds, planting trees and creating several straight and serpentine green walks. The avenue of lime trees near the river may have been planted at this time.

Here's a timeline of some of the most important events in the history of the hospital:

Historic Ross Hall In the 1870’s the estate was purchased by James Cowan, a Barrhead man and head of the firm Messrs Cowan & Co., carriers and contractors to several Scottish and English railway companies and to shipping companies in Glasgow. James Cowan built the baronial style Ross Hall House in 1877, and occupied it until his death in 1907, aged 77 years.

Ross Hall House was designed to display Cowan's rich collection of silver, jewellery, porcelain, books and paintings. Some of these were housed in the gallery above the hall, reached by a staircase lit by stained glass windows representing the arts.

Historic Ross Hall

The landscaping firm of Pullman & Son (already well-known for their rock gardens at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle) was commissioned to reconstruct, regardless of expense, the estate gardens.

The result was the appearance of a new artificial lake and a new course for Murdoch’s little rivulet over waterfalls and through grottos and rock gardens. Part of the estate is now Ross Hall Park, opened to the public by Glasgow Corporation in 1965.

Sir Frederick and Lady Lobnitz

The next owner of Ross Hall was Frederick Lobnitz, head of a ship-building firm owned by his father Henry who had come from Denmark to work on the Clydeside in the 1850’s. 

Lobnitz & Co. specialised in building dredgers and rock cutting machinery for a world-wide market and built more than 100 vessels for the Suez Canal contractors.

Lady Lobnitz maintained a keen interest in her surroundings and especially in her garden until her death in 1947.

Historic Ross Hall

In 1981, Glasgow Independent Hospital (a group of consultants) purchased Ross Hall from the University and work began on the new 100 bed extension. 

In November 1983 Ross Hall opened its doors and the first patient was admitted

The hospital has earned the reputation for providing the highest standards of modern medical and surgical care.

Over 500 consultants attend the hospital and provide a comprehensive range of specialities to both in and outpatients.