Interview with Rosemary Dunlop, Clinical Services Manager- Imaging

Rosemary Dunlop

Rosemary Dunlop

Clinical Services Manager-Imaging
BMI Ross Hall Hospital

BMI Ross Hall Hospital has given me many opportunities for personal and professional development

Can you tell us a little about yourself, background and current role?

My clinical background is in Radiography and I started my career as a Radiographer in the Western Infirmary Glasgow NHS Hospital.
I joined Ross Hall Hospital in August 1983 as the Radiology Manager and was part of the commissioning team who set up the hospital for opening its doors in November that year.

My specific remit was the commissioning of the Radiology department and the wider remit was the commissioning of the hospital. Prior to the hospital opening we literally worked on a building site in porta-cabins and it was a very exciting time watching it all coming together.There was a massive amount of work involved in promoting and marketing the hospital to various customer groups including Consultants and GPs .

The commissioning team hosted regular tours of the facility as well as smaller roundtable discussion groups to introduce as many people possible to the new hospital, which was the first private healthcare facility of this level in Scotland

In my current role I manage the Imaging, Cardiology and Pharmacy departments, but over the years my role has developed and I have managed all of the non-nursing clinical services within the hospital including the Laboratories and Physiotherapy.

Describe a typical day/week at BMI Ross Hall Hospital for you?

No day or week is the same really but in general terms, we can see 400-500 outpatients each week through the Imaging/Cardiology departments and very busy inpatient wards for the Pharmacy staff.
The Pharmacy team also support many key areas of the hospital such as theatre, intensive care and oncology.

I have to ensure all staff have the resources and tools required to provide the high level of service that we deliver, addressing anything that may prevent us from doing so. The senior managers all work very closely together on joint projects to ensure we continually meet governance standards and ensure all staff have full knowledge of these.

We can see 400-500 outpatients each week through the Imaging/Cardiology departments and we have very busy inpatient wards for the Pharmacy staff.

What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?

All aspects really, I genuinely love being here and have enjoyed every aspect of my varying roles throughout my time in Ross Hall. I very feel privileged to have been involved with the hospital from the outset and it has given me many opportunities for personal and professional development.

I particularly enjoy developing and mentoring staff and the very positive feedback my staff receive from patients.

How does your role benefit the patients at The Ross Hall Hospital?

It benefits the patients as it ensures safe and efficient services for them overall.

I’d also say that being able to recruit the appropriate staff into roles to ensure high standards of care are provided also benefits the patients. The staff and level of service provision attracts highly skilled Consultant Radiologists and Cardiologists into the hospital.

What has been your biggest achievement at The Ross Hall Hospital?

cath labWell after 34 years it’s very difficult to single out one as I feel there have been many individual achievements. However, successfully managing teams outside my own discipline and being able to break down barriers and build successful working relationships with each of these teams through the years has been a fantastic achievement for me.

Seeing and being involved in the growth of Ross Hall from the outset makes me immensely proud. From an Imaging/Cardiology perspective over the years we have commissioned:

  • 8 Ultrasounds
  • 3 Cath Labs (Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory)
  • 3 MRI Scanners
  • 3 CT Scanners (1 being the only 320 slice in operational use in Scotland)

From seeing 3 outpatients on day 1 to approximately 80 – 90 on a busy day just demonstrates how we’ve grown through the years.

What type of challenges can you be facing within your role?

Well this may not be seen as a challenge but definitely a key priority is to always ensure that the patient journey is the best that it can be, making patients feel comfortable and safe throughout their visit and leave us feeling that they have been especially cared for. The staff are key in delivering this service to patients so ensuring they are continually engaged, feel valued and supported is another main priority in the role.

Thanks for your time, Rosemary.

BMI Ross Hall Hospital offers a wide range of services including cancer care, cardiology and diagnostic imaging. You can see find their full list of hospital services here.