Interview with Stephen Trousdale, Hotel Services Manager

Stephen Trousdale

Stephen Trousdale

Hotel Services Manager
BMI Ross Hall Hospital

I enjoy watching and being involved with the development of others.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, background and current role?

I started my career a chef, working hotels for a number of years, then in 1981 I moved to a Head Cook position with the NHS, working in both Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Stobhill Hospitals.
I then joined Ross Hall Hospital in 1985 as the Catering Manager.
Now, 32 years later as the Hotel Services Manager I am responsible for over 80 staff in a number of areas such as Materials, Facilities, Front of House and Housekeeping.
I also manage the relationships with all non-clinical external contractors.

Describe a typical day/week at BMI Ross Hall Hospital for you?

It consists of a whole host of things, so anything from checking the expected patient volumes and ensuring everything is in place that’s required for their stay, to monitoring the stock levels for equipment/kit and working with the relevant staff to make them aware of what we have and when it should be used by.
From a maintenance perspective, it’s making sure that the ongoing programme we have in place is always on track and if there are any immediate tasks that need taken care of.
The daily ‘comms cell’ meeting takes place in the morning with all everyone from the hospital management team so there may also be actions from that meeting that need to be prioritised quickly.

What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?

As a manager and as someone who has developed a career path with Ross Hall, one of the main things that I enjoy the most is watching and being involved with the development of others who are enthusiastic and wanting to do the same.

How does your role benefit the patients at The Ross Hall Hospital?

The role covers all of the ‘hotel’ aspects of the patient’s stay, so it’s all about their comfort, levels of cleanliness, food quality and hygiene and equipment. 

All of which, if not up to a high standard, can have a major impact on the patient’s overall satisfaction levels and experience throughout their stay.

What has been your biggest achievement at The Ross Hall Hospital?

endoscopy suiteI’d like to think over 32 years there’s been many and it’s hard to think of what would be a single highlight.

Over recent years there’s been the project management of our 5-bay Endoscopy Suite that opened in 2014. I oversaw everything from planning to opening, which included the moving of our Materials department to a separate building. The Endoscopy Suite has been a great addition to the hospital and we’ve seen great success from having this additional facility.

We also agreed to lease a building in Hillington Business Park (Jubilee Court) which now houses our Finance, Sterile Services, Materials, Medical Records, HR Admin, Keying and Medical Secretaries and I lead on that project.

The latest big project was the centralisation of our Materials Department for the Central Scotland Cluster of Hospitals (Ross Hall, Kings Park and Carrick Glen). This involved creating a lot of new processes for the management and delivery of all materials and making sure that all 3 hospitals are fully equipped with everything they need for the caseload of patients they’re seeing/treating every day and has been a great success.

What type of challenges can you be facing within your role?

Dependent on what work is involved, we can at times have multiple contractors on-site at the same time, either working on the same or separate contracts. This can bring with it some challenges, especially when working to tight project deadlines and budgets.

Thanks for your time, Stephen.

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