Glasgow Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy can help with a wide range of injuries and conditions including back and neck pain, repetitive strain injuries, joint pain and arthritis, muscle injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation, and sports injuries. There are also physiotherapists that specialise in Women’s Health, acupuncture, vestibular rehabilitation (dizziness and balance), bowen therapy, lymphedema management and pilates.

Your first visit will involve an assessment of your condition so that a treatment programme can be specifically developed for you. We offer a wide range of therapies that are often used in combination in a treatment programme.   

Integrated care

All BMI physiotherapists are registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and work closely as part of our integrated multi-disciplinary teams within our hospitals so that if necessary, you can benefit from fast referrals and access to high quality imaging technology to help accurately diagnose and aid treatment pathway decisions.

Gym equipment 

physiotherapy servicesThe purpose-built physio-gym  lets our physiotherapists work with you to provide expert advice and develop an exercise programme which meets your specific needs. Exercise forms an important part of physiotherapy. The aim is to increase mobility, muscle strength, and general fitness, build core stability, and reduce symptoms.

Our gym includes:

  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • Static Exercise Bikes
  • Treadmill
  • Parallel bars
  • Cross Trainer
  • Leg Press Machine
  • Hamstring Curl Machine
  • Parallel Bars
  • Free Weights


At BMI Ross Hall Hospital we offer the following services:

At our hospital you can also benefit from the following services: 

Hand therapy

Hand therapy specialists provide assessment and holistic rehabilitation for patients who have a hand of upper limb injury or condition. The treatment is tailored to suit the individual and focuses on returning the patient to an optimal level of functional activity.

Upon referral, the therapist will assess your upper limb (including movement, strength and taking a thorough history of your condition). From this baseline a treatment programme will be specifically developed for you.

We offer a wide range of therapies that are often used in combination in a treatment programme, which may include electrotherapy, exercise prescription and advice on adapting the way you carry out everyday tasks to help reduce the strain and stress placed on joints. Your treatment may include massage for swelling or scar management and manipulative techniques to improve the range of joint movement and reduce pain.

The EXOS reformable & waterproof bracing system for treatment of fractures.Please see the video below for more information about the EXOS reformable and waterproof bracing system, and it's use as an alternative type of cast for the treatment of fractures and other conditions requiring stabilisation of the wrist and/or thumb: 

Golf Physiotherapy

We have specialist golf physiotherapists who offer hands on practical advice for the assessment and treatment of gold related injuries, and full analysis of a patient’s golf set-up position and swing. If it is a general mobility problem that is affecting a golfer’s swing, exercises and golf specific stretches will be provided. A large part of treatment will normally focus on posture, mobility and core stability.

More information

Physiotherapy can help you recover following injury, surgery or illness. At our hospital you will receive first class treatment at an affordable price. Physiotherapy may be covered by your medical insurance. You will need to check your cover with your insurer first. Alternatively you can pay for your treatment by cash, debit or credit card.