The Scottish Vulval Clinic

vulval clinicThe Scottish Vulval Clinic at BMI Ross Hall Hospital is run by Dr Isabelle Hay, Consultant Dermatologist as well as a dedicated physiotherapist and specialist nurse, offering investigation, treatment and an empathetic approach to vulval disease.

At the Scottish Vulval Clinic we recognise the significant impact vulval disease can have on your health and we aim to investigate and treat the cause of your symptoms. Even if there is no obvious cause for the symptoms, we work with you to help you manage them so as to minimise, as much as possible, their impact on your quality of life.

We work together to allow women to access our combined expertise in one visit and are dedicated to improving women's health and wellbeing.

Vulval Disorders

Most vulval disorders usually present with itching or pain and sometimes the skin changes in colour or appearance. There may also be times where the skin appears normal though the symptoms are debilitating.

Pain (vulvodynia) and itching can have a significant impact on daily living and intimate relationships.

Some of the conditions which can affect the vulva and are treated at the Scottish Vulval Clinic include:

  • Lichen Sclerosus
  • Lichen Planus
  • Vulval Dermatitis
  • Recurrent Episodes of Vulvovaginal Thrush

Please note: The above list is not exhaustive so please do always enquire about a condition if you are unsure whether it would be seen at the Scottish Vulval Clinic.

There are a number of investigations we may need to carry out as part of your treatment plan that include a smear test, vulval skin biopsy and skin patch test. We will talk you through any investigation required as part of your consultation.

We can offer a range of treatment options dependent on your particular condition, with the key services being different medications, physiotherapy, surgery (where applicable) and injections to relax the muscles.

Again, you will be taken through all of the appropriate treatment options for you in order to decide on the best way forward.

For further information about the Scottish Vulval Clinic or to book an appointment please call 0141 810 3151 or make an online enquiry.