Prostate Cancer Clinic in Winchester

The One-Stop Prostate Clinic at BMI Sarum Road Hospitalprovides advice and management of all benign andcancerous problems affecting the prostate gland, including prostate cancer or suspected prostate cancer, benign prostatic enlargement or prostatitis.

Sarum Road is the only private hospital in the Winchester area to offer a One-Stop Prostate Clinic.

What are the key benefits of the One-Stop Prostate Clinic?
Our fixed entry package for a consultation, examination and investigations is £399 approximately. Any further treatments or procedures that are required will be explained at your consultation.

If you have private medical insurance, you may need a GP referral. Please check with your insurer prior to booking your assessment.
  • Direct access is available with or without a GP referral
  • Allows patients to be seen by a highly experienced
  • Consultant Urologist, who will carry out a range
  • of advanced tests to identify the source of your
  • urinary problems
  • Results are available within 48 hours
  • Access to a multi-professional team including Consultant
  • Urologist, Consultant Radiologist and nursing staff
  • Offers access to advanced scanning and analysis technology, tailored to your needs.

To book an appointment at the One-Stop Prostate Clinic call 0800 015 1987.

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