Breast Screening and Clinics

The breast health service at BMI Shirley Oaks Hospital provides:

  • A breast screening service if you are non symptomatic (i.e. you don’t have any breast problem symptoms) and wish to have a one-off screen or set up regular screens
  • A rapid diagnostic breast clinic if you have a  breast problem and have been referred by your own GP or by our breast screening service

Breast Screening Service

If you are non symptomatic and wish to have a one-off breast screen, or set up regular screens, you can book an appointment with our Breast Screening Service without a referral from your GP. This service is available to women aged 40 years and over who have not had a mammogram performed in the past twelve months.

We offer fast access to appointments for your peace of mind. 

Rapid Diagnostic Breast Clinic

BMI Shirley Oaks Hospital now has a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a consultant surgeon, radiologists, pathologists, a breast care nurse and other experienced health professionals.  This team can provide individualised care of benign and malignant breast disease all on one site.

  • Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon: Mr Will Sarakbi
  • Consultant Radiologists: Dr Mashehwaran, Dr Rendle
  • Breast Care Nurse: Jill Jenkins
  • Pathologists: Dr Syamala Thomas

Our breast care team approach led by our consultant surgeon will carefully guide you through the specialist care pathways.

Patients can make their appointment around their lifestyle for clinic or see the consultant and have the tests done that will give a clear indication of what the problem is. They are then able to discuss with the surgeon what treatment, management or further investigations may be advisable. Patients will need to allow a minimum of two hours for the whole visit.

For the majority of patients who will be found to have no serious problem, the rapid diagnostic clinic offers a quick resolution to their anxiety.

The specialist breast clinic is held in a consulting suite in the main hospital building and is attended by our breast care nurse who is available to patients wishing to discuss any breast related queries and particularly to those who have been found to have a cancer and who may need the opportunity to talk through or clarify their diagnosis, its implications, surgery or treatment options.