Fertility Treatments

Welcome to the Fertility Treatment Centre at Shirley Oaks Hospital

The unit was founded in 1995 and is staffed by a dedicated and experienced team of medical, nursing, scientific and counselling personnel. Our philosophy is to provide each person/couple with a tailor-made investigative programme and management package to suit their individual needs. We are committed to providing a cost-effective service of the highest quality and strive to continually improve and develop our service and staff.

Fertility MOT Offer-£400

If you or your partner are struggling to conceive BMI Shirley Oaks can offer you with support with a complete fertility MOT offering the following: 

  • Baseline Antral Follicle Scan
  • Full Hormone Assay
  • Antimullerian Blood Test (AMH) to test for ovarian reserve
  • Follow up with Nurse Specialist to discuss results

Book now - 020 8655 5540

Why choose Shirley Oaks Fertility Treatment Centre?

We are a small, but highly successful fertility centre that offers treatment in a safe, friendly and well managed environment.

  • GP referral not essential – just ring and book an initial appointment
  • No waiting lists for appointments or treatment
  • Excellent success rates for all treatments
  • Proven high quality and standard of care, very much tailored to the individual/couple 
  • A short bus/taxi ride from East Croydon train station
  • Named consultant, with nurse-led service through all stages of treatment
  • Dedicated team of caring, expert professionals offering individualised care and support throughout your treatment
  • Open 08:00am – 3:00pm weekdays 
  • Self-contained unit within the main hospital, where doctors are always on site should there be a need to access emergency treatment
  • Counselling sessions available: 2 free sessions per treatment cycle
  • Private room with ensuite facilities and meals free of charge during any inpatient treatment (eg for IVF Egg Collection/Laparoscopy/other surgery)
  • Ongoing private antenatal care available up to 26 weeks of pregnancy with consultant and/or midwife, either in addition to or instead of NHS antenatal care (no facilities for delivery at Shirley Oaks).
  • no midwife available here 


A full range of assisted conception therapies are offered at the Shirley Oaks Fertility Treatment Centre. The following are brief outlines of the most commonly requested treatments. There are individual information leaflets on each treatment, which are freely available on request.

During IVF treatment, a maximum of three embryos can be transferred to the uterus in any one cycle. As modern methods of stimulation often result in more than three eggs being collected during a cycle, there may be excess embryos available following treatment. Only embryos of suitable quality that are likely to survive the freeze-thaw process are selected for freezing. This freezing process is called cryopreservation.

Having a frozen embryo replacement cycle is normally very straightforward with minimal medication and no need for any surgical procedure.

Consent forms from The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) will need to be signed so that the intended future use of embryos is recorded.

Ovum donation

Egg donation treatment is available in the UK, but there are often long waiting lists and it is expensive because donors are not paid and must be altruistic. For several years now, therefore we have operated a very successful link with the IVI clinic in Barcelona, Spain. The treatment is less expensive, and typically patients who attend there wait less than 3 months for a donor to be matched and found.

The choice to use donor eggs is not always an easy one to make, and there are implications for having treatment abroad which need to be carefully considered prior to embarking on this course of action. Fertility nurses are available to assist patients through this journey, and implication counselling is a prerequisite. 

Other fertility and gynaecological treatments

In many cases, there may be gynaecological factors contributing towards an individual’s or couples subfertility or infertility, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, Fibroids or Tubal Damage. And there could be Male Factor issues such as Varicocele or previous Vasectomy.

Laparoscopic fertility surgery, including re-opening of block tubes (salpingostomy), division of adhesions, ovarian drilling and many other types of operation, may be considered in place of or in conjunction with assisted conception treatment to maximise chances of conception.

Full discussion of the availability and suitability of these procedures will be conducted at the time of your consultation and further information may be found on the individual consultants’ websites.

The consultants also have extensive experience and expertise in the medical and surgical management of general gynaecological problems, including menstrual disorders, endometriosis and recurrent miscarriage.

Success rates can be viewed on the HFEA website.

We also have informal chat sessions available where you can get all your questions answered. 

To find out more phone us on 020 8655 5540 or make an online enquiry. You can also download to keep our fertility guide.