BMI Shirley Oaks Hospital marks staffs 1125 years of service to healthcare with special presentation

group photo

Long-serving nurses and healthcare staff at BMI Shirley Oaks Hospital have been recognised for their commitment with the presentation of special pin badges by John Hare, Executive Director.

Altogether, the 78 pin badge recipients have clocked up 1,125 years of service to healthcare, with some staff members having worked at the hospital since it first opened in the mid-eighties.

Executive Director John Hare said: “We are fortunate to have such a dedicated team here at the hospital, which itself has been part of the Shirley community for more than 30 years. These pin badges are a visual thank-you to those staff, and a symbol of our gratitude for their commitment to putting BMI Shirley Oaks Hospital at the heart of local healthcare provision.”

Among the recipients of the pin badges was Infection Control Lead Roz Williams who received a badge to mark her 30 years’ service at BMI Shirley Oaks Hospital. She said: “It’s such a lovely team here at Shirley Oaks. We care about our patients and like to keep everyone smiling. We often get comments from patients on how clean the hospital is and that is something that I’m very proud of. I love working here.”

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Date: 15th May 2018