Bury St Edmunds Orthopaedic Service

orthopaedic services

At BMI St Edmunds, our orthopaedic services have been created should this be created to help people suffering from hips, knees or feet problems and more. Our consultants provide a comprehensive service that includes diagnosis, treatment and management of the condition, to help achieve optimal results for patients.

At BMI St Edmunds you can benefit from the advice of our:

Hip Surgeons

If you are suffering from hip pain, then hip replacement surgery might be an option for you. Our hip surgeons will diagnose and recommend an appropriate solution. If surgery is required, our physiotherapists will be on hand to support your recovery.

Knee Surgeons

Many people experience knee problems which can be managed through non-invasive treatments such as physiotherapy or joint injections. When these methods are no longer working, knee surgery may be the recommended solution. Our knee consultants will fully assess the extent of the damage and advise on available treatment options.

Our orthopaedics services are supported by our nurses, chartered physiotherapists and imaging department. We also have single en-suite rooms for a restful, relaxing recovery.