Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

At BMI Syon Clinic our Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) consultants offer consultations for a wide range conditions. Depending on the complexity of treatment needed, you can either be treated at Syon Clinic or within the surrounding BMI Hospitals.

The following procedures are offered at Syon Clinic:

Diagnostic sinus endoscopy

A sinus endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure which uses a camera, attached to a thin and flexible tube, known as an endoscope, to look at your nasal and sinus passages. An ENT consultant may suggest this procedure if they require more information about sinus and nasal problems such as blockage, congestion or infection.


The nasopharyngoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that allows the consultant to examine the back of your throat, called nasopharynx, by inserting a flexible scope tube through your nose. The procedure helps the ENT consultant check for problems such as growths or bleeding.

Ear syringing/ suction

Ear suction is a procedure that uses micro suction to remove wax from the ear. A build-up of ear wax may cause symptoms such as earache, itchiness or difficulty hearing. This is usually a painless procedure, and once the wax has been removed, symptoms usually improve.