Paediatricians & Children's Health Services


At BMI The Alexandra Hospital we have a dedicated Paediatric ward offering a playroom, private ensuite bedrooms and care from specialist consultants and nurses.

Our specialist Paediatric consultants and nurses can provide quick diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of health conditions, such as:

  • asthma
  • allergies
  • general bone pain
  • urological problems
  • infections and surgery

If your child requires surgery, you will be invited to visit the hospital in advance, for a pre-admission visit. This will be an opportunity for you, and your child, to familiarise yourself with the surroundings and ask any questions you may have.

We see children from 0-18 years through our outpatient services, and from 3-18 years for day-case and inpatient procedures.

For more information about Children's Services at BMI The Alexandra Hospital please call: 0161 428 3656.