Nutrition & Dietetic Services

As the sole provider of dietetic services at BMI The Alexandra Hospital, LA Dieticians offers a full range of adult clinical dietetic services to support the treatment of private patients. With: 

Minimal waiting times 

  • Tailored advice and treatment
  • Inpatient and outpatient consultations
  • On-going support and care, as necessary

LA Dieticians provides a high quality service by experienced and highly skilled professionally registered Dieticians. Covering all medical and surgical specialties, services include: 

  • Therapeutic diets, e.g. diabetes, coeliac, gastrointestinal, cardio protective
  • Oral/enteral nutrition support
  • Parenteral nutrition support
  • Weight management
  • Renal dietary management 

By working alongside consultants and hospital departments, we can provide an integrated, seamless approach to patients’ dietary needs as part of their treatment. 

About Us 

Alison Whitworth BSc, PG Dip, RD

Following graduation from The University of Kent in 1992 with a BSc in Biochemistry, Alison went on to study for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics at Leeds University, qualifying as a State Registered Dietitian in 1995. 

Since then she has worked in a range of NHS and private hospitals, including most notably, Queen Mary’s, London, Manchester Royal Infirmary and BMI The Alexandra Hospital. Alison has a high level of experience in a broad range of clinical areas, spanning across medicine, surgery and public health. Her specialist interests include gastrointestinal surgery, weight loss surgery, women’s health and palliative care. 

Louise Thurstan BSc, PG Dip, RD 

Louise qualified as a State Registered Dietician in 2000 after gaining a BSc in Applied Consumer Science at Manchester Metropolitan University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics at Leeds University. She gained experience working in various NHS hospitals until she joined the private sector in 2003. Here she broadened her expertise in adult general medicine, surgical support and weight loss surgery. As a leader in innovative care provision, Louise was part of a team that established active patient-led support groups, developed and implemented nutritional screening tools and provided hospital-wide training on therapeutic diets. 

In 2011 Louise set up LA Dieticians in joint partnership with Alison Whitworth as a specialist provider of clinical dietetic services. 

LA Dieticians works seamlessly with multi-disciplinary teams, and closely with leading consultants to ensure the best of care is provided to patients throughout their treatment. 

For more information, please call 0161 408 3355 or email [email protected]