Manchester Mummy MOT Service

 A Mummy MOT is a post -natal check which is performed by a specialist physiotherapist. They will assess your tummy gap, pelvic floor strength, posture and muscle function. Following the assessment you will be given a personalised exercise and activity plan. If you require further treatment, this can be arranged and agreed with your physiotherapist.

Who is a Mummy MOT suitable for?

You can book a Mummy MOT from 6 weeks, after birth, and up to 6 years after.

The assessment is suitable for women experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Back or hip pain
  • Pelvic floor muscle weakness
  • Bladder leaking, incontinence or urgency
  • Prolapse
  • A tummy gap

To book an appointment, or for further information, please contact: 0161 428 3656