Bowel Cancer Awareness Month 2019

Former patient shares their experience following Bowel Cancer treatment  

To help support Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, a former patient at BMI The Alexandra Hospital, Steven, has kindly shared his own personal experience.

“It was around late November, last year that I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I attended the private walk in centre, at The Alexandra Hospital, due to symptoms I was experiencing and with extreme speed I received my first colonoscopy, with an initial consultant, before being formerly diagnosed and referred to Mr Mohammed Saeed. This certainly turned my life upside down!

Following further tests, Mr Saeed performed a High Anterior Resection of my colon. My surgery was surprisingly carried out within the space of just over two weeks after formal diagnosis, which to myself and family was really fast paced. I spent eight nights at BMI The Alexandra Hospital and I cannot speak highly enough of the care, attention and diligence which each and every member of staff gave me.

Mr Mo Saeed and Steven

I was petrified prior to my first ever hospital stay. However, from the moment I arrived at the hospital, I was put at complete ease by everyone who was involved with my condition. This includes, but not limited to, the truly pleasant reception staff, the porters, the ladies who delivered meals and the Charge Nurses. Exemplary is the word I would use to describe the staff on the ICU/HDU and Chester wards.   

I would also like to thank Becky in the ICU, for her extreme patience, for comforting me and for explaining every process, drip and medication.  As well as, Richard, in the ICU/HDU for being such an incredible gentleman and making me feel so comfortable at night-time.

I would like to also include Pat, the Charge Nurse in the ICU/HDU for caring and listening to my fears and for treating me with such dignity to spare my blushes when having to get me up and changed/showered after being stuck in bed for a couple of days. Overall, lovely, lovely people!

Finally, a special thank you to Mr Saeed, who I would like to say also, fits the exemplary standard of the staff I have mentioned so far. Mr Saeed stands out to me as someone who is that bit more. I do not say this because of the positive outcome that my surgery has given me. I genuinely say this based on the level of care I have received.

Overall, cancer is a frightening and lonely place and none more so for a worrier like me. However, each and every interaction with Mr Saeed has been calming and  reassuring. Mr Saeed took the time to positively talk to me, and never ever made me feel like I was irrational or silly. He gave me and my family the confidence to face whatever process or procedure I was facing at the time, or will need to face in the future. Mr Saeed is the perfect gentleman and an outstanding surgeon who I cannot thank enough.”

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Date: 24th April 2019