Foot pain affecting National Walking Month

Asad Hussain

National Walking Month hopes to encourage the nation to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of walking. However, if you experience pain or discomfort, whilst walking, this may affect your involvement in the campaign and hinder your health and wellbeing.

Surprisingly, according to the Framingham Population Study, of older adults, approximately 19 percent of men and 25 percent of women have significant foot pain on most days of the week, and this can often limit their ability to function.

Dr Hussain, an experienced Consultant Rheumatologist and General Physician, at BMI The Alexandra Hospital suggests that certain individuals appear to be at increased risk of developing foot pain such as those who are overweight and over the age of forty.

If you are experiencing foot pain Clinicians, such as Rheumatologists, can assess these issues by exploring whether the pain is constant or intermittent, treat the condition and identify whether the pain is due to a particular condition, such as; Achilles tendonitis, diabetes, tendon injury or osteoarthritis. Dr Hussain stated:

'It is unfortunate that many people put up with foot pain and struggle along until symptoms become unbearable. Early intervention and awareness are key to preventing longer term issues improving mobility, quality of life and to peruse normal activities of daily living. The hind, mid and forefoot have to work in unison for normal walking and each segment provides key mechanics to facilitate mobility. Conditions that affect any of these segments can affect walking thereby causing pain and impaired mobility. It is important that if you experience any pain, to either discuss this with your GP or see a specialised Consultant Rheumatologist.'

Categories: Health

Date: 23rd May 2019