Manchester Medics’ Football Club Sponsored by BMI The Alexandra Hospital

Manchester Medics

 BMI The Alexandra Hospital has sponsored the Manchester Medics Football Club, from the University of Manchester.

The Manchester Medics’ Football Club provides students with an opportunity to network with friends and colleagues and share their passion for medicine, education and football. Christian Warner, medical student at the University of Manchester, stated:

"We are very grateful to have the support of The Alexandra Hospital. The Manchester Medics' Football Club means a tremendous amount to many students, having over 130 members and an extensive alumni network. We have gone from strength to strength, and continue to grow our numbers each year. Manchester Medics have enjoyed many successes, and we are delighted to be supported by a renowned private hospital."

There are currently over 450 consultants practicing at The Alexandra, that understand the commitment and dedication medical students put towards their career. This was therefore a fantastic opportunity to support a local team and invest in the doctors of the future.

Date: 10th April 2019