Manchester Weight Loss Clinic

Weight lossIf you have tried everything to lose weight, but can't, weight loss surgery from BMI The Alexandra Hospital, near  Manchester, could be the answer. We offer a range of surgical solutions from a team of weight loss surgery and obesity surgery specialists before and after surgery whether you live in Manchester, Cheshire or further afield.

We provide a range of weight loss surgery treatments at The Alexandra Hospital such as gastric bands, bypasses, balloons and sleeves. You will receive individualised care and support, ward contact 24 hours a day, regular appointments with the physiotherapist and dietitian, as well as support groups. Our comprehensive aftercare programme will help you stay healthy and achieve the best results.

Weight Loss Treatments

Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric band, sometimes known as ‘lap band,’ is a highly effective procedure that helps people who are overweight achieve substantial and long-term weight loss by limiting how much food you can eat. An inflatable band is inserted laparoscopically around the stomach to divide it into two parts. This creates a smaller pouch at the top, which takes in less food - to make you feel fuller for longer.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This procedure makes the stomach smaller and promotes weight loss. Sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve surgery, reduces the stomach in size by about 75%. Successful gastric sleeve surgery can help patients lose substantial weight that is long-term.

It is important to note that this surgery is not reversible.

Gastric Balloon Surgery

At BMI Healthcare we use the BIB system ™ for gastric balloon surgery. It is a medically supervised system that will help you take control of your weight without invasive surgery or drugs.

The gastric balloon is a soft, silicon balloon that is inserted into the stomach and filled with sterile saline. The balloon is designed to partially fill your stomach, giving you a feeling of fullness. The balloon is removed after 6 months.

Experienced weight-loss professionals will consult with you and design a programme to help you successfully reach and maintain your weight loss goals.

Duodenal Switch

Duodenal switch is a weight loss surgery procedure that combines restriction and malabsorption in order for weight loss to occur. Performed laparoscopically, it removes 70% of the stomach in the same way that a sleeve gastrectomy reduces stomach size.

This surgery promotes weight loss by both restricting the amount of food that can be accommodated in the stomach and by reducing the amount of calories that can be absorbed in the body. This can allow the patient to lose significant weight without having to dramatically alter their eating habits. 

BMI The Alexandra Hospital is located in Cheadle, near Manchester, for more information or to make an appointment, please call 0161 495 7000 or make an enquiry here