Interview with Samantha Sheehan, Executive Director

Jo Nolan, Executive Director

Samantha Sheehan

Executive Director
BMI The Beardwood Hospital

We truly care about each patient that walks through our door

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your time at BMI The Beardwood Hospital?

I’m Lancashire born and bred. After graduating with a degree in Linguistics and English I started my career in marketing at Beardwood on a part-time basis.

After six years’ experience in other healthcare organisations and an international training consultancy I came back to Beardwood in 1999 as Marketing Manager, working across a number of hospitals within BMI. I took up my current post as Executive Director in December 2010

What makes The Beardwood different from other private hospitals in the area?

The Beardwood, once known as Our Lady of Compassion, has significantly developed in the last 60 years.

It's the only independent hospital in Lancashire with a static CT & MRI Scanning Centre and a Macmillan-accredited Cancer Centre, which looks after a wide range of oncology patients from diagnosis to a treatment regime. This is alongside the typical hospital services we provide, from outpatient consultation through to surgery.

What recent developments have there been at the hospital?

In October 2017 we invested in a new Ambulatory Care facility deigned to accommodate day-case patients. This means each patient is cared for in an environment most suited to their treatment.

What do you hope to have achieved in a year from now?

The hospital is focused on providing a high standard of care to patients. On a personal level my role continues to be in ensuring my team is equipped personally and professionally in achieving this; whether that’s training or equipment to do their job.

Who do you admire in the business world?

Richard Branson - for his individuality, drive and passion. He never fails to innovate and create without losing sight of his businesses most important asset – its people.

Is there something else you would like to add for the community of Blackburn?

Almost every day I walk into a hospital and I am privileged to work with a team of like-minded people who are dedicated professionals and we truly care about each patient that walks through our doors – that’s a very special feeling.

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