BMI Beardwood Hospital funds life saving defibrillators

Beardwood DefibrillatorsTwo life-saving defibrillators funded by BMI The Beardwood Hospital have been installed outside Blackburn Rovers Football Club. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a device that can be used by members of the public to ‘shock’ the heart of someone who has gone into cardiac arrest, potentially saving their life. 

Around 100,000 people die in the UK each year due to sudden cardiac death and it is estimated that up to 80 per cent of those deaths could be avoided if diagnosed and treated, or a defibrillator was at hand when they went into cardiac arrest. The equipment delivers a high energy shock called defibrillation, which can be an essential life-saving step in the chain of survival for someone who gone into cardiac arrest. There have been some high profile examples of incidents in which people who have suffered cardiac arrests have been saved by the use of defibrillator. 

Former Bolton Wanderers midfielder, Fabrice Muamba was left critically ill after he had a sudden cardiac arrest during an FA Cup quarter-final tie against Tottenham in 2012. The 23-year-old footballer’s life was saved by CPR and the use of an AED to shock his heart. AEDs can be used by any member of the public, without training. They are accessed by using a code which can be obtained by calling the emergency services and the devices are fully automated, guiding anyone using them through each step, using a series of clear verbal instructions. 

Defibrillator Executive Director of BMI The Beardwood Hospital, Samantha Sheehan said: “As the statistics reveal a high number of sudden cardiac arrest happen outside a hospital setting, BMI The Beardwood Hospital is keen to ensure that more of these AED defibrillators, supported by CPR training, are placed in the community to help save people’s lives.

We have supported local schools in the past and as part of our ongoing initiative we are pleased to support BRFC where thousands of people visit on a regular basis. A club spokesman said: “Blackburn Rovers is proud to be working with local businesses such as the BMI Hospital, to benefit the local community. The installation of defibs around the stadium will provide critical life support in emergency situations.

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Date: 11th May 2017