Student artwork is real tonic for hospital

Students from a Blackburn school were awarded top marks at BMI Beardwood Hospital a following an art project that has been running for the past year.

Students from Blackburn School at BMI The Beardwood Hospital
From left: Salonee Shah, Lauren Barlow, Amelia Morgan, Ummal Fayyaz, Flora Robson, Megan Collins and art teachers Mrs Green and Miss Armitage.

Paintings and photographs produced by youngsters from the Westholme School in Preston New Road, have been given pride of place in the hospital’s reception, wards and corridors following an unveiling ceremony.

The work is part of a three-year project between the school and hospital which has been, according to hospital Executive Director Samantha Sheehan, “a spectacular success”.

“We were looking for two pieces of abstract art that would promote feelings of calm, security and well-being,” she explained. “For the photographs, we set them a task of providing images that expressed individuality and compassion during a life-long journey.

“The results are spectacular. If someone had told me these works had been done by long-standing professional artists and photographers then I would have believed them. The standards really are that high. I am very proud to be able to display such excellent work around the hospital and I am sure patients, staff and visitors will all get pleasure from them.”

The students will now be working on the second part of the project which will build on the themes already created.

Date: 10th July 2015