Blackburn Orthopaedic Service

BMI The Beardwood Hospital is proud to offer a comprehensive range of orthopaedic services for patients in Blackburn, Lancashire and further afield.

We ensure all patients are treated with the highest levels of care from the moment they arrive at the hospital and throughout their stay.

We treat a range of conditions including back pain and sports injuries. Common surgeries we offer include knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, hip replacement, ACL surgery, rotator cuff surgery and spinal surgery.

Following surgery, our chartered physiotherapist team create personalised rehabilitation exercises should these be required.

Hip Replacement

A hip replacement is a common procedure where a damaged hip joint is replaced with a new artificial one. Following successful hip replacement surgery, most people will experience a significant reduction in pain and improvement in their range of movement.

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery (arthroplasty) involves replacing a damaged or worn knee with an artificial joint. This is usually necessary when your mobility is reduced and you are experiencing pain even when resting.

There are two main types of surgery:

  • Total knee replacement – both sides of the knee joint are replaced
  • Partial knee replacement – only one side of the knee joint is replaced

ACL Surgery

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are one of the most common types of knee injuries. If the ACL is torn your knee may lose its full range of movement and become unstable. A torn ACL cannot be repaired by stitching it back together but it can be reconstructed by attaching new tissue on to it.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is pressure on a nerve in the wrist. Symptoms include tingling, numbness, pain in hands and fingers and a weak thumb or difficulty gripping.

Surgery usually cures carpal tunnel syndrome. The operation involves cutting the carpal tunnel in the wrist so it no longer puts pressure on the nerve.

Here is a full list of orthopaedic treatments offered at BMI Beardwood Hospital: