Rapid Access Breast Clinic

The Rapid Access Breast Clinic at the BMI Beardwood Hospital is available to anyone who may require assessment of breast symptoms. 

The aim of the clinic is to ensure that anyone who is concerned about any symptoms is seen as soon as possible. Consultant Surgeons Lyndon Jones and Robert Watson specialise in the management of breast disease and lead the clinic, which is fully supported by our breast care specialist nurses. 

The Rapid Access Breast Clinic is based in the outpatient department at BMI The Beardwood Hospital. Consultant radiologists Richard Dobrashian, Nanda Kumar and the diagnostic Imaging team are available to perform any X-ray tests that the consultants may request. The X-ray department at BMI The Beardwood Hospital has the facility to perform both mammography and breast ultrasound scanning. These tests can usually be performed on the same day, ensuring that patients receive their results as soon as possible. 

The clinic welcomes self pay patients and those who have private medical insurance. 

To book an appointment, you can contact the hospital directly by contacting the Private Administration office on 01254 507654 or alternatively you can be referred through your GP. We will find the next available appointment with one of the consultants for you, and if necessary will also follow up your GP referral for you. 

The clinic consultation, X-ray investigations and any subsequent surgery that may be required are usually covered by private medical insurance. If you are insured, please contact your insurer to ask whether you are covered for any relevant tests and/or treatment. 

Please bring with you your insurance documents or any pre-authorisation numbers to your first outpatient appointment.