Bolton Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

cosmetic surgery Are you looking for a private hospital that offers cosmetic surgery in Greater Manchester? Then look no further than BMI The Beaumont Hospital. Located in Bolton, BMI The Beaumont Hospital provides a wide range of cosmetic procedures to suit your needs.

We know that cosmetic surgery isn’t a decision to be taken lightly – that’s why our experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeons are with you every step of the way talk to you through it – not into it.

Whether you are male or female, it’s not just about a new look. Cosmetic surgery, for us, goes deeper than that. A facelift or breast enlargement can give someone a whole new level of confidence, that’s why we pride ourselves on our motto – more than skin deep.

You can be safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands at BMI The Beaumont Hospital as your care will be delivered exclusively by your chosen consultant from start to finish. With outstanding clinical standards and access to modern facilities and equipment, BMI The Beaumont Hospital continually delivers high patient satisfaction results.

Meet the team

Mr Anil Agarwal
Consultant Plastic, Hand and Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Kenneth Graham
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Irfan Khan

Mr Irfan Khan
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Free mini consultations

Some of our expert surgeons are offering free mini consultations throughout 2020. If you’d like to book a free mini consultation, visit our event page.


Please call 01204 404 404 for more information on cosmetic surgery at BMI The Beaumont Hospital. Alternatively, you can make an online enquiry here.