Nutrition & Dietetic Services

As the solescales weighing provider of dietetic services at BMI The Beaumont Hospital, LA Dieticians offers a full range of adult clinical dietetic services to support the treatment of private patients in the Bolton area with:

  • Minimal waiting times
  • Tailored advice and treatment
  • Inpatient and outpatient consultations
  • On-going support and care, as necessary

LA Dieticians provides a high quality service by experienced and professionally registered Dieticians. Covering all medical and surgical specialties, dietetic services at BMI The Beaumont Hospital include:

  • Therapeutic diets e.g. diabetes, coeliac, IBS, cardio protective
  • Oral/enteral nutrition support
  • Parenteral nutrition support
  • Weight management

LA Dieticians works seamlessly with multi-disciplinary teams, and closely with leading consultants to ensure the best of care is provided to patients throughout their treatment.

LA Dieticians

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  • For more information or to make an appointment with LA Dieticians at BMI The Beaumont Hospital, please call 01204 404404 or make an online enquiry here.