Interview with the Executive Director, Stephen Smith

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Stephen Smith

Executive Director
BMI The Blackheath Hospital

My two year goal is to raise the status of The Blackheath Hospital to a flagship status.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, background and current role?

I am a Kiwi by birth but have spent around half my life living in different parts of the world primarily in Australasia, Asia and the Middle East before moving to the UK three years ago.

Married with two children, 1/10th of a cat and 1/5th of a dog (the neighbour’s pets), I am a career health specialist, initially qualified as a Medical Scientist specialising in Immunohaematology. I worked in this for 10 years before moving into health administration where I have accumulated some 25 years experience in running various health services and hospitals at an executive level as well as senior level consultancy in numerous countries.

We are currently in the throes of buying a home in Reigate. I have recently joined The Blackheath Hospital  as its new Executive Director.

Describe a typical day/week at BMI The Blackheath Hospital for you?

There is no such thing as a typical day. My day is in part driven by strategic initiatives in developing new opportunities for the hospital but also operational tasks both routine and the unplanned. It is the latter that makes the role challenging and reflects the nature of health – which is what makes the profession interesting.

What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?

Challenging the status quo and developing innovative and best in class patient focused services.

How does your role benefit the patients at The Blackheath Hospital?

I have a great team at The Blackheath Hospital. My role is to create the vision ensuring it aligns to the corporate objectives and then steering the business to achieve the outcomes all the stakeholders require.

Because of my diverse background in health and working in various health systems, I am able to introduce some new ideas to the hospital. These initiatives give rise to new and improved services to the community we serve.

What do you hope to achieve at The Blackheath Hospital?

My two year goal is to raise the status of The Blackheath Hospital to a flagship status and I am looking to develop international recognition for service excellence in some key specialities.

I am also looking to introduce some new services which I believe are currently unmet by the existing health providers in the region.

I am also looking to see a full site revamp to raise the aesthetics of the hospital.

What activities do you enjoy outside of work?

Not surprisingly, I guess, my wife and I love travel and is one of the main reasons we moved to the UK as we want to explore this part of the world.

We both enjoy long walks and are out most weekends visiting various heritage sites and exploring the UK countryside. We are both dog lovers but with both of us more or less living at work we rely on borrowing the neighbour’s dog occasionally and molesting everyone else’s we meet on walks.

We also love exploring wine and food trails. Hence my new interest in gyms.

Thanks for your time, Stephen.

BMI The Blackheath Hospital offers a wide range of services including cancer care, cardiology and diagnostic imaging. You can see find their full list of hospital services here.