BMI The Blackheath Hospital marks 676 years of staff service to healthcare with special presentation

Pin Badge Awards BMI Blackheath Hospital

Long-serving nurses and healthcare staff at BMI The Blackheath Hospital have been recognised for their commitment with the presentation of special pin badges by BMI Healthcare’s Chief Executive Dr Karen Prins.

Altogether, the 54 pin badge recipients have clocked up 676 years of service to healthcare, with several staff members having worked at the hospital since it first opened in the mid-eighties. 

Executive Director Stephen Smith said: “We are fortunate to have such a dedicated team here at the hospital, which itself has been part of the Blackheath community since the mid-eighties. These pin badges are a visual thank you to those staff, and our depth of gratitude also goes much deeper. I’d like to thank them for their commitment and for putting BMI The Blackheath Hospital at the heart of local healthcare.”

Among the recipients of the pin badges was David Lindfield who received a badge to mark his 30 years as a housekeeper at BMI The Blackheath Hospital. He said: “It’s such a lovely team here at Blackheath. We care about our patients and like to keep everyone smiling. That’s important for our patients and important for us too. I love working here.”

Among the longest serving staff, pin badges were awarded to: Freda Ellis, Infection Prevention and Control Lead to mark 33 years, and Brian Fisher, Senior Engineering Technician, to mark 27 years.

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Date: 6th November 2017