Private Orthopaedic Treatment in Blackheath

Orthopaedics If you are based in South East London and are dealing with bones and joints pain or related issues, BMI The Blackheath Hospital offers a full service dedicated to diagnose, treat and manage any orthopaedic conditions.

Our specialist consultants can advise on whether you need treatment for problems of areas such as hip, knee, spine, foot and ankle, shoulder, elbow, hand. Among the main treatments we offer:

Knee Replacement

When non-surgical treatments no longer help, a knee replacement might the recommended route for a life without pain. At BMI The Blackheath Hospital we offer total or partial knee replacement surgery, revision knee replacement, total knee replacement using the Signature System or knee arthroscopy.

Hip Surgery

A hip replacement surgery will help improve your quality of life by allowing you to move without being in pain. Our orthopaedic specialists will assess if you need a hip replacement or can manage your condition non-surgically.

Shoulder Surgery

If you are suffering from severe arthritis then a shoulder replacement surgery might be the best route for you. Specialists recommend this if any other methods of managing pain and improving mobility have failed.

Sports Injury Surgery

We have a dedicated sports injury clinic to treat any musculoskeletal conditions caused by a sport or any type of physical activity.

Additional care

The orthopaedic service is supported by our team of chartered physiotherapists and imaging team, having access to the latest technologies for the best outcomes.