Frequently asked questions- Urgent Care Centre

Do I need a GP referral?

No, simply turn up.

Do you have consultants on-site?

If you require follow-up treatment we can refer you on to a specialist consultant for a quick appointment or on an emergency basis.

Is there anything you can’t deal with?

We can deal with the “walking wounded” but are not set up to deal with complications of pregnancy, acute mental illness, chest pain or if you have had a stroke. We are also unable to treat children under the age of three years old. If you require urgent treatment for a medical emergency we suggest you call an ambulance.

Will I have to wait long?

The unit offers a calm and relaxed environment where you will be seen by experienced nurses and qualified doctors usually within 15 minutes of arriving.

Do you see children?

We can see any child aged 3 years and over.

Do you deal with mental health problems?

Patients suffering from mental health problems are advised to see their GP or contact the local NHS emergency department.

What happens if I need further tests or need to be admitted to hospital?

The majority of patients do not require further tests, however if you do need further tests such as an X-ray or blood tests, you will need to pay for these. A full price list is available.

If you need to see a consultant you won’t need to visit your GP for a referral, we can refer you directly to a suitable specialist. The consultation fee is usually between £90 and £150 depending upon the circumstances and excluding the fee for any further procedures carried out. The cost of further treatment will be confirmed by the consultant following diagnosis.  

Will you tell my GP I have visited?

We will normally contact your GP and let them know the outcome of your visit unless you specifically tell us not to.

I have private medical insurance. Do I still need to pay?

Emergency treatment is not normally covered by private medical insurance. This is a private Self-Pay Urgent Care Centre and each patient will be charged an assessment fee. Further treatment or investigations will incur additional charges - please see our price list for further details.

If you do have private medical insurance and referral on to a consultant is likely to be covered by your insurance, subject to the terms of your policy.

Please bring your policy details with you to your appointment if onward referral is a possibility.

What happens if I become unstable?

If you require emergency treatment that we cannot deal with, we will call an ambulance immediately and get you transferred to an appropriate hospital.

If you have an enquiry or require more information please call 0208 297 4519.