Bariatric Surgery in South East London

If you are considering weight loss surgery, BMI The Blackheath Hospital in South East London offers a consultant-led service with various types of treatments available to help with losing weight.

Common weight loss procedures include gastric band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery and duodenal switch surgery.

Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric band surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of your stomach by putting a band around it which restricts the amount of food you can eat. In most cases, the procedure is performed as keyhole surgery. The band will form two compartments in the stomach with an opening at the top and bottom which allows food to pass through it much slower than before.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is where your stomach is reduced and joined to your small intestine, which reduces the amount of food ingested.

Having a gastric bypass does require major changes to your diet and eating habits. You will only be able to eat very small amounts of food and will have to gradually introduce solid foods.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A gastric sleeve operation reduces the capacity of your stomach by around 75%. This happens because a large section of your stomach is permanently removed. As your stomach will only be able to hold a small portion of food, you should feel less hungry between meals and feel fuller quicker.

Duodenal Switch

The duodenal switch is the removal of around 75% of the stomach, including most of the duodenum, the first section of the small intestine1. This should allow you to eat a normal meal but in smaller quantities.

This procedure also bypasses a part of the small intestine which can also help with the absorption of less calories into the body.

At BMI Blackheath hospital we offer a full range of weight loss procedures:

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