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Hearing tests and digital hearing aids in Kent

BMI The Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury is the flagship site for Kent’s largest independent hearing company, Hearbase.

When you attend Hearbase at The Chaucer Hospital you
benefit from a custom-built audiology suite. This modern, clinical environment is paired with the latest diagnostic equipment. This results in the highest quality diagnostic and hearing aid services in the region.

Services include:

  • Audiometric testing
  • Tympanometry
  • Speech audiometry
  • VHIT and VNG balance testing
  • Wax removal service
  • Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Clinic
  • Hearing aid service

Audiometric testing

Hearing loss needs to be taken seriously and should be professionally diagnosed. At the Chaucer Hospital, hearing levels are measured in Hearbase’s purpose built acoustic booth. You will listen to sounds played through headphones and the audiologist will plot your hearing level on an audiogram.

Digital hearing aids

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An audiologist will carry out a full range of tests to enable a full assessment of your hearing loss and then discuss your results and the options available to you.

Digital hearing aids come in a vast range to suit everyone’s needs, from the straightforward to the sophisticated. Highly experienced audiologists will help you find the hearing aid that suits you and your needs. They will explain the various options and features so you can be sure of making the right decision.

Being completely independent of any hearing aid manufacturer or national hearing aid supplier, means Hearbase has access to all the world’s leading hearing aid brands, giving you an almost unlimited choice in hearing technology.

Ear protection for water sports

Custom-made swimming plugs using the latest technology offer the best possible seal, allowing sound to penetrate for safety reasons while keeping out water, cold air, dirt and bacteria.

If you need to prevent “swimmer’s ear,” protect yourself from perforations or just don’t like getting water in your ears then custom-fit swim plugs may be the answer.

Custom SleepFit ear plugs

Noisy neighbourhoods, shift working or a partner who snores can all affect our sleep. Custom-made SleepFit earplugs are comfortable to wear as they are made from extra soft silicone material. They will stay in all night since they are made to fit the contours of your ear.

They will dramatically reduce the ambient noise around you, helping you to get a good night’s sleep but will still allow you to hear the important sounds such as an alarm clock or smoke alarm.

Musicians’ hearing protection

Woman running

Musicians who perform regularly or who play in high volume surroundings such as an orchestra or band should use custom-made earplugs. Since they are specially made for your ears from a special soft silicone they are comfortable and easy to wear. They will protect your hearing, but will also give you good awareness of environmental sound for safety purposes. They will reduce ambient noise but still maintain the clarity of music.

Speech tests

Hearbase offer speech tests to check your ability to hear in real world situations. This can be particularly useful in cases where an individual has a normal hearing test result but experiences difficulty understanding speech.

Tinnitus counselling and rehabilitation

Hearbase’s tinnitus counselling and rehabilitation service is provided by a specially trained audiologist who can teach you techniques to ease the condition and give advice and support. Using a collaborative approach we can help you to find ways of managing this distressing condition.

Our tinnitus audiologist works closely with hospital consultants and GPs. If, during your ear examination, they identify any medically treatable conditions you can be referred to the appropriate specialist.

Ear care and wax removal

An audiologist will provide an ear care appointment and examine your ears. If appropriate, any excessive wax will be removed using special instruments, water irrigation or micro suction.

Balance investigations

During balance testing your eye movements are recorded while an audiologist carries out a range of visual exercises. This puts parts of the balance system through a “workout” which is designed to highlight any potential anomalies.  This can help your GP or consultant to help you recover quickly and effectively from episodes of imbalance.

About Hearbase

Hearbase has been delivering quality hearing and balance services for more than 25 years. They apply the latest technology to the problems of hearing loss, outstanding customer care and support is at the heart of their service. If you are choosing to pay for yourself you can self-refer, however most insurance companies require a GP referral.