BMI The Chaucer Hospital opens new urgent care centre

urgent care centre

BMI The Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury has opened a new private Urgent Care Centre for patients who would like an alternative to an NHS A&E facility for minor injuries.

The Urgent Care Centre opened on the 2nd of October and will provide patients with fast diagnosis and quick treatment for minor accidents and illnesses. The aim is to see patients within just 15 minutes of arrival at a centre and appointments are not necessary. 

Patients will also have access to advice and treatment from leading Consultants if needed, and medical staff can carry out on-site imaging and pathology testing as well as have access to pharmacies and physiotherapists. 

Jo Nolan, Executive Director at BMI The Chaucer Hospital, said: “'People using our other Urgent Care Centres across the country say they appreciate being seen quickly, having rapid access to healthcare professionals, and having staff available to help them with their minor injuries. This is especially useful for self-employed or busy people who need to get back to work.

“BMI Healthcare has been running Urgent Care Centres in other parts of the country for a while now, and we are using all the expertise we have gained across the network to make the Urgent Care Centre here in Canterbury an excellent option for people who do not want to wait.”

“We are excited to announce our Urgent Care Centre at the Chaucer Hospital was opened on October the 2nd, to support our local population, something we have been doing for the last 35 years since we opened in Canterbury in 1982.”

The new self-pay service at The Chaucer will be one of the four Urgent Care Centres opening this year at BMI Healthcare hospitals across the country and brings the total number of BMI Urgent Care Centres to seven.

Find out more about BMI Healthcare’s Urgent Care Centres here.

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Date: 3rd October 2017