Stress-free Recovery

stress free recovery We understand that sometimes you need a bit of extra support before your treatment or to help you on your road to recovery following an operation.

With an around the clock care and recovery service from a multidisciplinary team of medical specialists our Pre-Operative and Peace of Mind Packages have been developed to remove any worry and concerns you may have about your stay.

Our expert, personalised approach to care, coupled with the peaceful surroundings and your own private en-suite bedroom, will make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Who is the service for?*

  • You want to prepare for your operation
  • You are in need of recovery service after your hospital operation

Stress Free Recovery packages at BMI Chaucer Hospital

Pre-Operative Package

To avoid the stress of having to arrive at the hospital early on the morning of your operation, you can book an extra night’s stay the evening before. This will allow you the time to relax in your room and avoid the pressure of checking into the hospital at a set time on the day of your surgery.

The price of your stay includes a private en-suite bedroom providing a comfortable overnight stay, with its own TV, free WiFi and where you can enjoy your chosen evening meal.  

This package is £100 per night.

Peace of Mind Package

If you do not have the support you need at home you may wish to stay within the hospital for an extended recovery period. This can provide the comfort and reassurance you need to get well quicker.

£500 per night for the first two nights, post planned discharge

The first two night’s additional stay will be charged at £500 per night and includes:

  • A private en-suite bedroom
  • Consultant led service
  • Dedicated nursing team providing high quality personalised care
  • Continued access to physiotherapy
  • Medical tests including blood tests as required (excluding imaging)
  • All catering and meals are included

If you wish to stay for more than two additional nights you can extend your stay for an additional charge of £350 per night.

Stress Free Recovery payment options

  1. Pay for yourself. You can pay directly for your Stress Free Recovery package yourself at the daily fixed rate fee**.  Knowing the price upfront means you won’t have to worry about the financials and can focus on what’s important, getting better.
  2. Private medical insurance. Most medical insurers recognise our service and are likely to cover medical care and treatment. However you must liaise with your insurer directly to ensure you are covered by your policy. You will need to activate your policy with your insurer but of course if you are admitted urgently, we can help administer the process. Your adviser may provide you with a pre authorisation number which you will need to provide on arrival or prior to your hospital stay.

For additional accommodation or to secure a bed prior to you planned admission please contact us on 0800 0294344 or make an online enquiry. Our team will arrange payment prior to your admission date.

Terms and conditions

*We do not accept admissions for any person under the age of 18 years old. There are various medical conditions that we are unable to accept. The nurse will ask you questions over the phone to ensure it is suitable for you to be admitted into hospital.

**Our fixed price pay for yourself package includes accommodation, daily consultant visits, nursing care, low cost drugs and pathology, and access to some other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists. The price does not include the initial consultant fee, imaging and diagnostics, high cost drugs and pathology and consultations, care or treatment provided by other specialist consultants. For patients paying for themselves, we will ask for your credit card details upon admission to act as a holding deposit.