Vein Surgery in Canterbury

Vascular surgeryThe Vein Clinic at BMI The Chaucer Hospital offers a range of vascular surgery procedures for patients with painful or untreated veins.

Our specialist clinic provides modern treatments, some of which are minimally invasive and performed under local anaesthetic with no scarring and same day return to normal activities.

The procedures are performed by our Specialist Vascular Surgeon, Mr Noel Wilson who provides a full assessment, diagnostic and treatment service for self-paying and insured patients. A one-stop service of consultation, assessment and venous duplex ultrasound scan is carried out the on the same day.

Patients do not need a GP referral to see Mr Wilson. For those not covered by insurance, we can provide you with a fully inclusive price for the suitable treatment.

Cost breakdown 

The consultation costs £160

Scans if required:

  • Unilateral diagnostic venous duplex ultrasound: £170 
  • Bilateral diagnostic venous duplex ultrasound: £220 

There may be other additional charges for different scans and tests required and may not be carried out the same day.


For more information about The Vein Clinic at BMI The Chaucer Hospital, please call our dedicated team on 0800 092 8728 or make an online enquiry.