Interview with Kojo Amoako-Wiredu- Pharmacy Manager

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Kojo Amoako-Wiredu

Pharmacy Manager
BMI The Chiltern Hospital

Seeing customers walk out happy and reading their feedback, it really makes my day

Can you tell us a little about yourself, background and current role?

I joined BMI little over 2 years ago as a lead oncology pharmacist. Shortly after that an opening for the manager role came up so I applied to it, got it and I’ve been a manager for the last 2 years.

I basically do everything pharmacy, which is medicine management. 

Describe a typical day/week at BMI The Chiltern Hospital for you?

I am someone who really likes challenges- it gets boring when it’s monotonous so on a typical day I come not knowing what to expect. I come in before my staff, welcome them in then we have a small huddle every day, so that everyone knows what they’re doing. The usual routine is patients first and admin second so by the end of the day you have everything sorted.

My typical day is solving a problem, that’s what a manager does. Making sure that people lives are better from staff of other departments who need medicine management and support, to patients who need that as well. 

What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?

The challenges- being in the private sector the customer service is up there ; for someone coming from the NHS I didn’t use to take customer service that high until I came here. So seeing the customers walk out happy, reading their feedback and covering the depth of their expectations it really makes my day.

In the morning  at our Comms meeting when we read those cards and see all the positive comments- that’s what we aim for. 

How does your role benefit the patients of the hospital?

Medicine management is essential to patient safety: making sure they are on the right drug for their type of disease, that they are also on the right dose tailored to suit them, say if they have a bad kidney or bad liver, they can’t get the same as everyone. Or if they have other issues- what drug they cannot have so the interactions and all that.

But more importantly, having their drugs on time.

What has been your biggest achievement at BMI The Chiltern Hospital?

I joined as a normal pharmacist so being able to fill the manager opening for me is a big achievement because management is different from normal patient interaction.

For instance, we have all kind of inspections- CQC, home office counts, and didn’t have anything to say about medicine management, there was no area of concern.I consider this an achievement.

What activities do you enjoy outside of work?

Football definitely- I love my football and I am quite involved in charity stuff- my church is involved with the Home Charity, so we do go there and help with the admin and do we what we can for homeless people like bring them food, get them counselling. 

I got two kids who take up all my time, taking them around to their activities, living my normal life.  

Thanks for your time, Kojo.

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