BMI The Chiltern Hospital raises funds for CURA breast cancer charity

Chiltern Cura fundraising

A two-month charity drive at BMI The Chiltern Hospital in Buckinghamshire, which saw the hospital set aside £10 for every mammogram it performed, has resulted in a £1,330 donation for local breast cancer charity Cura.

The initiative raised not only much-needed funds for the charity, but also encouraged people to recognise the great importance of regular breast screening.

The amount was presented to Jenni Kirk at Cura by BMI The Chiltern Hospital’s Executive Director Fraser Dawson, who is also a trustee of Cura.

Fraser said: “We are so pleased to have this opportunity to support Cura and the wonderful work they do providing both financial and emotional support to those affected by breast cancer and their families. We wanted to combine this fundraising with a key message that tied in with Breast Cancer Awareness month in October about the importance of regular breast screening – something that we hope we have achieved”.

Dr Vaishali Gada, Consultant Radiologist and Breast Cancer Specialist at BMI The Chiltern Hospital, added: “Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK”. One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime and, although rare in men, there are still some 350 male breast cancer diagnoses in the UK each year.

“Regular breast screening using mammograms, while it is not a way of preventing breast cancer developing, it is the most effective method of detecting signs and symptoms that may not be obvious otherwise.”

Cura Charity spokesperson Jenni said: “Cura is enormously grateful to BMI The Chiltern Hospital for the fundraising and raised awareness that this campaign has given us. We are a small charity reaching out to local breast cancer patients who are struggling financially, often as a result of the loss of income during their treatment.

"Cura's support of breast cancer patients makes a significant impact as we focus our help directly towards requests made by patients e.g. help with fuel bills, child care during treatment, purchase of white goods for the home, help with travel costs. Cura's association with BMI is very important to us and we look forward to a close association with BMI The Chiltern Hospital in the future. ”

If you would like to book in for a mammogram appointment or would like more information about breast screening please contact our imaging team on 01494 892220 or visit our website.

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Date: 11th January 2018