Patient experience using the MRI scan at BMI The Clementine Churchill

Using the MRI Scanner

I couldn't have been treated better at BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital.

Marion Lindores has used our MRI facility at BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital on several occasions.

We got in touch with Marion to learn more about her experience at BMI Healthcare and her treatment. Read on to find out about her thoughts.

How many times have you had an MRI scan with BMI Healthcare?

I have had at least 5 MRI scans at BMI Healthcare. The first was for a Morton’s neuroma in my foot, the others were on my arm and leg.

Which hospital/s did you have your MRI scan?

I had all my MRI scans at BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow, Middlesex.

Please describe the process you went through to having an MRI scan?

The wait at my local GP surgery was around a month’s wait, so I went to BMI The Clementine Churchill as it offered available appointments sooner.

After looking at the x-ray the staff said they weren’t too happy with my foot and I needed to see an orthopaedic surgeon. I was referred to Mr Matthew Sala and after explaining my fall; he suggested a MRI scan, which confirmed a Morton’s neuroma. Mr Sala and I discussed the results and arranged surgery on my foot.

I couldn’t have been treated better at the hospital; from the porter who showed me to my room, to the nurses who were with me waiting to go into theatre, all members of staff we’re lovely.

Mr Matthew Sala, my consultant, was so good; he explained everything, was very thorough during the appointments and such a friendly person.

Some people experience claustrophobia or are uncomfortable in the scanner – how did you feel?

I am lucky I don't suffer from claustrophobia and I thought the scanner was really nice. I was given a pillow and a blanket as it was quite cool in there and I also had my own choice of music to listen to on the headphones.

The whole process was all very professional, but light-hearted too, which was reassuring. I mentioned to them to wake me up if I fell asleep and they said ‘yes, with a cup of tea’, which I thought was really comforting.

They warned me before that there would be a few noises, which I appreciated, but I just laid back and enjoyed the music. Every so often they would talk to me, saying things like, 'you’re doing very well’ or ‘you’ve nearly finished', which is very reassuring to anyone who may be worried.

How long did the process take?

The whole process of the MRI scan took about 35-40 minutes.

Overall, how was your experience?

I was lying down, warm and had music to listen to, so I would say it was a very comfortable and relaxing experience.

What were your general thoughts on the hospital facilities and equipment?

I thought all the equipment was very good, within a clean environment, and was run very efficiently by the lovely staff.

MRI fact

Did you find the hospital staff helpful and caring?

I found all the hospital staff very friendly and helpful, including the porters, nurses and my consultant. Mr Matthew Sala, my consultant, was so good; he explained everything, was very thorough during the appointments and such a friendly person.

Did you have any follow up treatments after your MRI scan?

All in all, I will never forget my experience at BMI The Clementine Churchill.

I had many visits to Mr Sala for my foot and leg. I was sent to a physiotherapist at BMI The Clementine Churchill for my leg before I had surgery on my foot.

When it came to the end of the treatments with Mr Sala, I mentioned my left arm, which I’d injured about five years ago. He kindly had a look at it and suspected rotator cuff injury, so he referred me for another MRI scan. The results showed a tear and I underwent surgery again. Like the first time, I was relaxed before going into theatre and had the same anaesthetist, who was a really kind man.

I also had physiotherapy after my surgery. Once the brace was off, I slipped out of the shower and I had to tell Mr Sala I had landed on the arm I had surgery on and it was in pain. He suggested having another MRI to make sure I hadn’t damaged the surgery. By this time I felt really comfortable with Mr Sala; he’s a professional and personable consultant. The MRI scan unfortunately showed damage so I had to undergo surgery again. This then required me to have more physiotherapy.

All in all, I will never forget my experience at BMI The Clementine Churchill and I can say I wouldn't go anywhere else for treatments. I had a great experience and a brilliant consultant who couldn't have been more thorough and professional.