Access the Urgent Care Centre

How do I access the Urgent Care Centre?

 You'll be triaged by a nurse and assessed by a doctor for an initial assessment fee of £69. Depending on the issue, you will either be treated on the spot or referred on to a specialist consultant. The unit offers a calm and relaxed environment where you will be seen by experienced nurses and qualified doctors usually within a short time of arriving.

An initial assessment is £69.

If you need blood tests, X-rays or other scans, or plaster casts for breaks or fractures these can usually be carried out on-the-spot, but will incur an additional charge.

Please note that urgent treatment is not usually covered by private medical insurance so please check your policy prior to arrival.

If you are a member of Medischeme, your initial assessment fee will be waived if you need to be admitted to hospital for further treatment. You must provide valid proof of Medischeme membership upon arrival at The Urgent Care Centre to receive this offer.

How to pay

The Urgent Care Centre is a private self-pay service, and each patient will be charged an assessment fee. Urgent treatment is not normally covered by private medical insurance. Further treatment or investigations will incur additional charges, which you will be advised on during your assessment.

You can view our full pricelist here.

The BMI Card is a unique credit card that allows you to spread the cost of healthcare, with 12 months' interest free credit. The Urgent Care Centre accepts the BMI card as a payment method for treatment received.

Click here for more details or to apply for the BMI card.

Onward referral to a consultant

If you do have private medical insurance any referral on to a consultant is likely to be covered by your insurance, subject to the terms of your policy. You will need authorisation for any onward referral to a specialist consultant, which you will need to directly discuss with your private medical insurance provider. We therefore recommend that you bring your insurance details with you if this is a possibility.

There is no obligation to proceed with any treatment or investigation after the initial assessment but in the event of a referral to a consultant, the standard private consultation fees will apply. If you chose not to proceed, the centre will then ensure onward referral of treatment through a local NHS facility.

Payment for the initial assessment and any tests or additional treatment will need to be made before you leave the hospital.

If you have an enquiry, please call us on 020 8872 3999 or make an online enquiry here.