Cosmetic Surgery in Droitwich

If you are based near Worcester and are considering cosmetic surgery, BMI Droitwich Spa Hospital offers a consultant-led service, from initial consultation right through to treatment and aftercare.

Our consultants can advise you on a range of treatments, from breast surgery to rhinoplasty. Among the main treatments we offer are:

Breast Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

For women with larger breasts and struggling with aches and back pain, a breast reduction surgery can be life changing. Larger breasts also contribute to having low self-esteem, unable to enjoy activities and being unable to find clothing that suits your body and breasts. Breasts reduction surgery is simple yet can be highly effective emotionally and physically on a person.

Breast Augmentation

Changing the size of your breasts can be a life altering decision. A change in breast size can impact issues such as increasing self-esteem, enjoying your own body with the breast size you want and in general boosting your confidence.

Breast Lift

For most women, breasts can start to sag and can lose their shape and volume over time. A breast lift surgery can easily help you gain fuller, youthful breasts and can help with the pain caused by the breasts when they start to sag.


Losing weight can be difficult for some people more than others. Liposuction offers an effective way to reduce areas of fat that are proving harder to shift. The results of a liposuction need to be sustained with a healthy diet and exercise.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

There are many reasons why most people choose to have a tummy tuck surgery, whether it is due to extreme weight loss or pregnancies, the procedure can help reduce excess skin around your abdominal area as well as helping with physical and emotional difficulties.


Rhinoplasty surgery for your nose can alter the shape, size and can remove any bumps within your nose as well as changing the tip of your nose to suit what you wish.

If you have been in any sporting or any other injuries that have affected your nose then nose reshaping can also be carried out.

Face Lift

As we get older our skin loses its elasticity, making our face skin to sag. Loose skin can also be caused by excessive weight loss. G Face lifts are a great way of improving the aspect of tired and saggy skin.