New hip at the age of 91 for war veteran

Albert Malin

 War veteran Albert Malin, born in 1926, decided at the age of 91, it was time for his first hip replacement.  Albert was tired of being in continual pain and decided to go to the doctors to see what could be done. As the waiting list to be seen on the NHS was too long, Albert decided to invest some of this pension money and bought himself a new left hip.

The hospital staff were amazed at Albert’s independence and loved listening to his old war time stories. At the age of 16 he joined the Navy and was the youngest sailor to serve on the artic convoy for which he received a Blue Nose certificate issued by the North Russia Club.

The first action he faced was on D-Day and he was assigned to HMS Oxlip flower class covert. Albert served on this boat until VE day 8th May 1945.

Whilst he was serving, he met his childhood sweetheart, Ruby Taylor. During the war, Ruby’s house was bombed and was totally destroyed. She was buried alive for two days and two nights, and was luckily found then re-housed with her aunt. Ruby has since sadly passed away but her memory lives on in Albert.

Albert is incredibly independent, and still continues to live in their 4 bedroom house in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. He has help with household aids such as a stair lift and hand rails, and now with his new hip he’ll be able to do even more around the house.

Albert was thrilled with the care and treatment he’s received from his consultant, nursing staff and physiotherapists at BMI Droitwich Spa Hospital. His Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon said, “I performed a total hip replacement on Albert’s left hip to enable him to be more active and relieve the pain he was enduring on a daily basis. I really admire him for everything he’s achieved for this country as a war veteran. He’s a lovely man, and was a pleasure to treat”.

Although Albert won’t be climbing any mountains any time soon, he is certainly looking forward to not being in any pain. “I’m so pleased I decided to have my hip replacement. I’ve been cared for superbly by all the staff at the hospital, everyone from my consultant, physiotherapist and nurses have all been great. I’m thinking about having my other hip done when I’m fully recovered…but will take things one step at a time!”


Date: 13th April 2018