Superpath® - muscle sparing hip replacement

SuperPath® is a muscle sparing hip replacement technique which is now being performed at BMI The Droitwich Spa Hospital  by Mr Nadim Aslam. This procedure allows patients to be discharged 24-48 hours after surgery and to walk unaided within just a few days post operation.  

By never surgically dislocating the hip, there is little trauma to the surrounding muscles and tendons. With this surgical technique, the implant is built inside the body, so the hip is not twisted into unnatural positions during surgery.

This procedure is beneficial because

  • it allows soft tissue preservation by avoiding cutting tendons around the hip
  • it offers fast recovery times. 

Mr Aslam explains: "This is a new Minimally Invasive, Tissue Sparing Total Hip Replacement. By not cutting any muscles around the hip and working through a small 'window' in the tissues, the hip can be replaced with minimal soft tissue damage. This leads to faster recovery, shorter hospital stay and long-term return to full function.”

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