Birmingham consultants feature in BBC2 documentary

Consultant General Surgeons, Mr Simon Radley and Mr Ewen Griffiths, featured in BBC2’s documentary, Surgeons:  At the Edge of Life.

Simon Radley

This is the second series commissioned by the BBC, focusing on real life patients, and following a variety of consultants at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, who perform life changing procedures, as well as innovative and intricate surgical techniques, as part of their daily work activities.

The fifth episode of the series featured Mr Simon Radley, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, removing a cancerous colon tumour, from 64 year old patient, Hazel. Hazel’s tumour had spread into her liver and abdominal wall and without surgical intervention; she would only have had a few months to live. It wouldn’t be until Mr Radley started the operation would he know whether the cancer had spread any further.

Luckily the tumour was confined to the bowel, liver and abdominal wall and he was able to remove the tumour in its entirety, thus curing Hazel of the disease, much to the relief of Hazel and husband Alan.

The second patient featured was 44-year-old Ann-Marie who accidentally drank bleach when she was a toddler, causing severe damage to her oesophagus.

She had struggled to cope with her badly scarred 22oesophagus, ever since, visiting hospital several times a year to have her it stretched.

Ann-Marie was under Consultant Upper GI Surgeon, Mr Ewen Griffiths who performed an oesophagectomy which involved removing the majority of her oesophagus and replacing this with her own stretched stomach. It is a three stage procedure, and is incredibly high risk. Mr Griffiths, has spent many years mastering the oesophagectomy and is one of the most complex operations in his field.

Ewen Griffiths

Both consultants also operate out of BMI The Priory and Edgbaston Hospitals and Tony Avery Executive Director said, “We are incredibly proud to have consultants such as Simon Radley and Ewen Griffiths operating out of our theatres, they do amazing work and it’s humbling to see how modest they are. They have helped so many patients over years and continue to do so.

Date: 21st May 2019