Hospital brings NASA technology for patient rehabilitation in zero gravity

Patients at BMI The Edgbaston Hospital in Birmingham now have the opportunity to recover from injury in zero gravity – thanks to NASA technology and a specialist bit of kit.

AlterG Treadmill

The hospital, on Somerset Road, has recently taken delivery of an AlterG® anti-gravity treadmill, which gives patients a chance to exercise while literally taking the weight off their feet.

Favoured by sportspeople like Mo Farrah, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to help them train for high-profile events, the AlterG® treadmill is as helpful for people with arthritis or conditions in their legs and feet or neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease.

alter g

Helen Robinson, physiotherapy manager at BMI The Edgbaston Hospital said: “Our patients here and at our sister hospital BMI The Priory Hospital have really been benefiting from this machine. It helps them recover more quickly from surgery, helps those with knee or leg injuries and is a great alternative for people who want to try a new physiotherapy treatment.”

The AlterG® treadmill encases a person’s lower body in an inflatable capsule which lifts them off their feet and reduces the weight through their legs from between 20% and 100%, allowing users to work hard without bearing their full weight. It is especially good for people who cannot otherwise move due to pain or the risk of further injury.

Helen continued: “The reaction that we have been getting from our first few patients who have tried this has been amazing. It’s not every day you get to practice walking in space!”

Anyone can book a 45-minute assessment with a physiotherapist on the AlterG® machine. Prices start at £65, but the hospital is offering package prices following patients’ initial assessment. For further details call 0121 452 2810 or visit our dedicated page.

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Date: 15th September 2017