How BMI The Edgbaston Hospital helped Nathan get back on his feet after a severe accident

Nathan had fallen from a ladder whilst he worked as a self-employed gardener and was left with a severe foot inversion, here’s his story of how he got back on his feet!


The initial disappointment….

“The Pilon Fracture was done on the 18th January 2017 falling from a ladder. Following this accident, I was operated on at my local hospital where they’d used two plates along the fibia and tibia and screws to help rectify the problem, however I was left with a severe foot inversion and a follow up appointment, 6 months later, showed a massive non-union in my tibia.

My consultant at the time advised me they could do no more for me there and recommended Ms Deepa Bose for correction surgery which may involve an ilizarov frame, fixed externally to my leg.
I was so disappointed following my first operation to find out that it had not worked and wished the frame could have been used in the first instance. Being a self-employed gardener of course meant I was not earning whilst being off work so felt the need to have surgery sooner rather than later as the risk of further injury or complications was too high.”

When I met Ms Deepa Bose at BMI The Edgbaston Hospital…

“Following the speedy initial consultation with Ms Deepa Bose we knew she had the tools and experience to achieve a great outcome and quick recovery. The op was a success and I was back at home recovering within 2 days.

Keeping the pinsites clean and infection free was the most difficult part and was very trying within our family life but we were expecting complications.

BMI Edgbaston kept in contact with us regularly offering x-rays and consultations to check the progress of the surgery. The hospital always made us feel like I was the only patient they looked after and couldn't do more for me.”

Physiotherapy helped me get back on my feet…
“As soon as possible, I got booked in for regular physio with Ross who was very helpful and got the joint moving in no time at all. He also gave me a number of exercises to do at home. Ross was also very flexible with his diary which helped us as we had to travel 40 miles to each appointment.

Ms Deepa Bose and I have been very pleased with the outcome and looking back on how things were a year ago we never imagined my movement would be this good ever again. Apart from the scars from the pins you would never think I have had such a bad break.”

Moving forward….
“We have been a little late for a beach holiday this year but I can't wait to be running in the sand with my 10 year old daughter again.

I’m back at work now and have felt hardly any fatigue or aching pains considering my job is such a physical role. I wait to see how the cold will affect the joint but from what Ross has told me my job is probably ideal as it means I'm using the joint more regularly.

Ms Deepa Bose, Consultant in Trauma & Orthopaedics said:

“This type of treatment is best carried out by a team, and the surgeon is certainly not the most important person. 

The specialist nurse Philippa and the physiotherapist Ross played crucial roles in achieving a good outcome.

Nathan was a model patient, he looked after his pins really well, and followed Ross’ instructions regarding regular exercises.  I am absolutely delighted that he has had such a good result.”

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Date: 14th January 2019