Orthotics kick-start the end of painful feet for footballer

Kieron Morris

Semi-professional footballer, Kieron Morris, has recently had orthotics with Mr John Malik at BMI The Edgbaston Hospital.

Kieron, 22, from Wordsley, West Midlands, has played football since he was six years old, and signed for Stoke City’s Academy when he was 10 years old. His career continued to flourish and was selected to represent England Schoolboys, playing in the Centenary Shield. It was due to his success in that tournament, he was then spotted by Brentford Football Club who offered him a professional contract and was there for two years. Since then, he has played for Worcester City and is now at Stafford Rangers Football Club.

Over the years of continual training and football matches, Kieron gradually experienced more and more discomfort in his feet and was advised by his physiotherapist to see Mr John Malik. Mr Malik recommended custom-made orthotics to Kieron, a device designed to restore the foot’s natural function, and uniquely fits to the foot. They help to re-align the foot and ankle bones to a neutral position, which can, in turn help to alleviate problems in other parts of the body including the back and hips.

“It is always good to be able to address foot problems conservatively, avoiding surgery when possible. Orthotic insoles that go into your shoes can be used to influence the way the foot interacts with the shoe and ground,” said Mr Malik.

“Orthotics may not only have an effect upon the foot but can also influence function further up, such as knee or hip pain, which is due to function rather than notable damage or deterioration of the joint or soft tissues. At BMI The Edgbaston Hospital we have a great physiotherapy team and rehabilitation facilities that may often be combined with orthotics to help athletes, or in fact anyone with activity-related pain, address their problems and get fully active again”.

Kieron Morris

Kieron said, “Mr Malik was very professional from the very first consultation, he advised me on a few things and explained my options in great detail. We both decided that orthotics would be the best way forward for me and my circumstances”.

Kieron was thrilled that there was something that might be able to help him to make his football career enjoyable again and it was a huge bonus that he didn’t have to go through an operation to achieve these results.

“I am currently using the orthotics in my trainers and have already noticed a big difference as they feel much more comfortable and provide great stability as well as correcting my discomfort I was feeling previously. I can exercise in the gym without the discomfort and pressure and they also allow me to move more efficiently. I can’t wait to use my orthotics in my football boots!”

Mr Malik concluded, “I’m so pleased I’ve been able to help ease Kieron’s foot pain and it’s great that, through the use of orthotics, he will be able to can get back to full fitness and resume full sporting activity”.

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Date: 11th December 2017