Eastbourne Breast Cancer Screening

breast aware At BMI The Esperance Hospital our Consultant Breast Surgeon and specialist nursing team offer a one stop breast service where all imaging and any required biopsy can be undertaken at the first visit. Imaging can be reported that same afternoon and the biopsy results are available the next week. All areas of care can be offered from diagnosis to treatment including immediate reconstruction where appropriate.

It is important to examine your breasts regularly. Changes in the breast often do not indicate breast cancer however it is important to be breast aware and to report anything different. Symptoms to look out for:

  • Swelling
  • Lumps
  • Change in size
  • Change in shape
  • Rashes on the breast area
  • Dimples on the breasts
  • Changes in the armpit area
  • Discharge of the nipples
  • Sunken nipples

Diagnostic scans:

Patients above the age of 40 can request a breast screening without symptoms or a GP referral.

For further information or to arrange an appointment please contact us on 01323 411 188 or make an online enquiry.