Cosmetic Surgery in Eastbourne

At BMI The Esperance Hospital we offer a friendly and supportive service to help you achieve your desired results.

Our experienced cosmetic surgeons take a compassionate and personal approach to your needs. Cosmetic surgery is a treatment option that requires a lot of thought. Our consultants are happy to advise you before and throughout your treatment.

We offer regular cosmetic information evenings for those who would like to find out more and speak to our consultants before taking the step to surgery.

Treatments offered at BMI The Esperance Hospital include:

Breast reduction surgery

If you are suffering from pain and symptoms due to large breasts, breast reduction surgery may be an option. Large breasts can cause problems such as postural issues, rashes under the breasts and the feeling of the breasts being out of proportion with the rest of the body.

Breast augmentation

Some women may feel dissatisfied with the size of their breasts, or may have excess skin due to weight loss, or have breasts that are not symmetrical. In some cases, a woman may have undergone a mastectomy for breast cancer. A breast augmentation can change the size, shape and appearance of the breasts.

Breast uplift (mastopexy)

Breast uplift is similar to breast reduction except that the size of the breasts is not altered. Excess skin is removed to reduce sagging. This procedure may be suitable for those who are looking to reshape their breasts.

Male breast surgery (Gynaecomastia)

Excess tissue around the chest is known as gynaecomastia and is caused by weight gain or an imbalance in hormones which can occur at puberty or later in life. Breast reduction surgery and liposuction is also available for those with this condition.

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck can help to get rid of stubborn fat by removing the fat and excess skin. The aim of this surgery is to help achieve a tighter and flatter shaped abdominal section.

Post weight loss cosmetic surgery

Following weight loss, some people may be left with excess skin around various parts of the body such as the tummy, arms and thighs. Post weight loss surgery can involve the removal of excess skin around these areas to tighten up the look of the skin. This can help to restore confidence and give the problem areas a firmer look.


Facelift surgery involves making incisions around the neck or jaw line, the side of the ears hairline and temple. The excess skin is then removed and the remaining skin stretched back and reattached. The aim of this surgery is usually to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Nose reshaping

Nose reshaping is performed to reshape the look of the nose. Some people may feel dissatisfied with the size or shape of their nose, such an arch or a bump, or they may have suffered an injury. The aim of nose reshaping is often to change the appearance of the nose and the size of how it fits on the face.

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty is a procedure for people are may be unhappy with the excess skin on either their upper or lower eyelids or both. This aim of eyelid surgery is usually to give the eye a more youthful look.

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